Family Earth Day Activities: Getting to Know Earth is Fun!

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March 2, 2021 2 Comments

Finding fun family earth day activities that connect us not only to the Earth and her inhabitants, but to each other, seems like an excellent way to spend Earth Day, doesn’t it?

There is no shortage of suggestions about what kinds of family earth day activities are useful. From picking up trash to planting trees, there are so many wonderful ways to contribute and celebrate.

Here are a few family earth day activities that will better help us understand why being good stewards of the Earth is important.

1. Learn Why it is Important to Leave No Trace.

Whether it is on a hike the woods, at the beach, or in your neighborhood, animals and creatures rely on their environment for survival. Many of us do not understand why it is so important to stay on a trail when we hike, observe signs at the beach that tell us to avoid an area because the birds are mating, or leave seal pups alone instead of trying to pat them. Once we understand, we are better stewards of the Earth.

Pick something that is native to you- hiking trails, an ocean walk, a National Park, and learn how the rules that are in place protect its environment. Whether it’s a national, state, or private park, the volunteers or staff who work there are happy to share the importance of taking care of their park. I have no doubt that you will leave with a deeper gratitude and calling to protect the area!

image of desert and sign that says "welcome to Joshua Tree" one fun family earth day activity
Joshua Tree National Park. Photo Credit: Author. Copyright Jen Keefe 2021

2. Go Meat Free for the Day/Week/Month.

It’s becoming inarguable that the best thing we as individuals can do to help the environment is stop eating meat and dairy. See if your family is up for the challenge of eliminating meat- or even better dairy and meat for a specific amount of time around Earth Day. Don’t freak your kids out or burden them with traumatic info. Just make it fun! Look for yummy recipes and make them together if that’s enjoyable. Theme the night around a place, movie, or video game.

If you’d like suggestions for recipes please join our Facebook group by clicking here!

image of vegan dinner. vegan eating is another family earth day activity!
Yep, it’s vegan (and insanely delicious)! Linger Restaurant Denver, CO Photo credit: Author Image of Vegan Dinner- one way to celebrate Earth Day! Eating vegan is a fun family earth day activities.

3. Learn about Stephen Ritz.

If you have kids that are 10 or older I’m sure you’ve seen him on PBS or Disney channel! Also known as “The Green Bronx Machine”, Stephen Ritz transformed a food dessert in the Bronx to a fruits and vegetables oasis by bringing gardening to students. His story is incredible and his passion for fruits and vegetables will surely inspire you.

At the very least, you’ll get a chance to see an innovative way one person is making the world a better place on a very local and grand level. You can get a glimpse here:

4. Scavenger Hunt: Another Fun Family Earth Day Activity

This one admittedly takes some work but it really is so fun to plan! Think about your kids and what they enjoy. Think about yourself and what you enjoy. Now, create an Earth Day scavenger hunt!

Maybe it has four stops and each involves an act of community service like planting a tree or cleaning the beach. Maybe it’s a whole bunch of stops on a hiking trail finding things like a specific flower, tree, or rock. Think of things your family would enjoy looking for and finding.

Offer a prize! You can make it a collaborative scavenger hunt and if your family completes the list together you win a nice cream party (that’s ice cream without the dairy 🙂 ), or you can make it a race to see who finds all the items first. You could even “compete” or collaborate with another family!

Note: I plan a lot of scavenger hunts for my kids. It’s worth taking the time to plan a good one and really think it out. It doesn’t have to take hours but it should be thoughtful. Does the flower you are putting on the list actually live on the trail you are hiking? How will you get the next clue in the right place? Just think it through from step to step and think about what completing the list will look like. If you want help making a scavenger hunt send me a note and I will do it with you. I think it is so much fun! You can e-mail me here.

Image of ocean with sand and driftwood.
Washington Coast Photo Credit: Author Copyright Jen Keefe 2021 Another fun family Earth Day activities.

5. Observe the Earth’s inhabitants in their natural environment.

I’m not talking about the Zoo. I am talking about out in nature where animals or birds are undisturbed. Grab a pair of binoculars and go birding. Have no idea where to start? Me either! Google and find out! Our kids love to learn right along with us.

What Fun Family Earth Day Activities Will You Try?

There are so many fun and simple ways to celebrate Earth Day. A walk through the grass barefoot, stopping to watch a butterfly, or joining a neighborhood clean up are just a few. The most important thing is to make it fun, joyful, and happy!

What are some fun family Earth Day activities your family has tried or heard about?

2 thoughts on “Family Earth Day Activities: Getting to Know Earth is Fun!”

  1. This is amazing! So many great ideas and tips.. we love to go out and about as a family and it’s great to see people like you promoting nature and the natural earth!

    1. Aw! Thanks so much, Louise! Having fun is so important and having fun in Nature serves many purposes. 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

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