Vegan Easter Egg Dying Alternatives: Keep the Memories

March 15, 2021 8 Comments

Vegan Easter egg dying alternatives may feel like a stretch. We really value tradition, don’t we? We like to do things the way they have always been done. It brings back the warmth of our own childhood memories. We feel connected to the people we spent holidays with as children and are no longer with us. We get to share another part of ourselves with our own children.

Breaking tradition can be hard! We Want the memories of our own childhood and the comfort to doing what we have always done. What if we can have all of that while making life for animals and the planet better?
Here are 7 adorable vegan Easter egg dying alternative that can help!

What if we can still do all of those things and make the planet a little more peaceful and protected? Sometimes it takes just a simple shift in thinking to keep the beautiful parts of the way we have always done things while we change the way we do them. By refocusing on the important parts of tradition like connection, warmth, and sharing our past, we can rethink how we do things to protect future generations of humans and animals.

Dying easter eggs is one of the things we can rethink. There is no need to use actual eggs. There are so many wonderful alternatives that don’t harm animals!

For those who are up for this simple shift of thinking, here are 7 alternatives to dying Easter eggs that won’t harm animals in the process!

Egg Dying Alternatives #1: Papier Mache Eggs

Vegan Easter egg Dying Alternatives Papier Mache. Child holding colorful Papier Mache eggs.
Papier Mache: A Vegan Alternative Dying Easter eggs from Crafting a Greener World. Photo credit: Crafting a Greener World.

I LOVE this idea! This is something we could do as a family or a girl’s night out. There is so much room for creativity and to put our own spin on how our eggs look. Kids and grown-ups alike love to Papier Mache. Imagine how nice it will be to hide those eggs on Easter morning knowing how much of ourselves we put into them? Talk about beautiful memories!

Click here for this great post from Crafting a Greener World detailing how to Papier Mache Easter eggs as a green and vegan alternative to dying Easter eggs.

vegan Easter egg dying alternatives image of bucket with tie-dyed marshmallows in it.
Tie-Dye Easter Marshmallows! Photo Credit: Organic Authority

Vegan Easter Egg Alternatives #2: Tie-Dye Marshmallows!

If you are really comfortable breaking from the pack you might love this idea! Tie-Dye vegan marshmallows! I think it would be so bright and happy to have these marshmallows waiting for us on Easter morning. This would also make a great little easter drop off for friends and family, wouldn’t it? You could create a nice little Easter Basket filled with these sweet marshmallows and make an outing out of delivering them!

Click here for this great vegan egg dying alternative from Organic Authority.

vegan Easter egg alternatives image of wooden eggs with packets of colored paint.
Wooden eggs are a great vegan alternative to dying eggs for easter. Photo credit: Leaves of Kale.

Vegan Egg Dying Alternatives #3:

Before I get too far, you may be thinking that the only vegan alternatives to egg dying are waaaay different than what you are used to so let’s get this one on the list now. From plastic and ceramic to wooden, there are quick and simple alternatives to regular eggs that are no more time consuming, involved or messier than dying eggs from chickens. Click here for a post from Leaves of Kale about how her family paints wooden eggs for Easter.

vegan Easter egg alternatives felt eggs. Image of colorful handmade felt eggs with little chick.
Photo Credit: Living Felt

Alternatives to Easter Egg Dying #4: Felt Easter eggs

Okay. These are more involved but holy-kamoley are they adorable! This is an easy to follow pattern and is something my family is trying this year. I’m not sure the kids will love it but if my mom joins us it will be fun and a lovely way to stay connected to tradition without my son (who is also vegan) or I feeling disconnected from our values. Click here for this wonderful, free vegan Easter egg alternative tutorial from Living Felt!

vegan Easter egg alternatives stained glass eggs. Image of colorful hand colored wooden eggs.
Stained Glass Easter egg Alternative Photo Credit: I Love to Create

Egg Dying Alternatives #5: Stained Glass Eggs!

Let’s bring in another simple and beautiful alternative: stained glass Easter eggs! These are so pretty and different. They require very little and create almost no mess- you might even like these more than the egg dying you are used to. 🙂 Click here for this great activity from I Love to Create.

image of paper mache eggs.
Photo Credit: Oh Happy Day

Alternative Vegan Easter Egg Dying #6: Egg Pinatas!

I really cannot even handle how sweet these are! Oh Happy Day has given us a wonderfully creative vegan alternative to egg dying. Don’t you think the kids would have so much fun with these on Easter morning? I’m not sure I’ll try this this year so if you do will you come back and let us know how it went? Click here for the tutorial.

image of sparkly hand painted wooden eggs.
Photo Credit: Balancing Home

Vegan Easter Egg Dying Alternatives #7:

Our final suggestion for vegan egg dying alternatives combines the tradition we are used to with about the same amount of effort and clean up; decoupage Easter eggs. These are so pretty and you could get as creative and unique as you want- or keep it nice and quick and still have beautiful, unique egg alternatives for the Easter egg hunt on Easter Morning! Click here for the step-by-step from Balancing Home.

I hope you are feeling excited and inspired about all the gorgeous vegan alternatives to dying Easter eggs this year and for years to come- I know I am! If you try one of these we’d be so grateful if you came back to let us know how it went!

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Do you have a vegan Easter egg alternative you have tried and love? Will you share what it is in the comments?

8 thoughts on “Vegan Easter Egg Dying Alternatives: Keep the Memories”

  1. Thanks for sharing our tutorial! We are actually showing how to wet felt the Easter Eggs on our live show this week (youtube/livingfelt) … hope you can check it out!

  2. I love the idea of making papier-mache eggs! It would be such a cute tradition to make one a year, and then use those as they grow up! Every time they get an Easter basket they get to relive those amazing memories of making them with parents, siblings, or grandparents!

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