Vegan Cookbook Giveaway! Enter to Get Vegan Recipes that Taste Good!

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March 8, 2021 6 Comments

Choosing a vegan cookbook is tough. Vegan recipes are so hit or miss. Maybe that’s true of all recipes. I don’t know. What I do know is I am so sick of investing the time, energy, and money into finding a recipe, buying all those hard to find ingredients, and spending hours cooking only to have the meal taste like total and utter crap.


This is part of the reason I started our newsletter. I want to share tried and true vegan recipes- the ones my family and I have liked. The ones that have been worth the time and money- and especially the ones that are simple, quick and delicious.

I am passionate about helping people eat less animals. I’m not a purist. If someone eats one less meal containing animal each week I think that’s awesome.

There are lots of reasons people go vegan. Some go vegan for health reasons. Others to protect the environment. Then there are those of us who go vegan for the animals. That’s me.

Image of vegan cookbook called "Vegan for Everybody:

I went vegetarian in junior high and vegan over a decade ago. I have tried so many freaking recipes. So many vegan cookbook. I have spent so much time seeking out ingredients that end up offering nothing to a recipe. I have spent hours in the kitchen learning how to cook something new only to have it be totally not worth it. I have served meals to my family that we all agreed were worthy of one more stop; the garbage can.

It is so frustrating!

Vegan Cookbook Giveaway! Yay!

That’s why I am so excited about this vegan cookbook giveaway. This is our first ever giveaway here and so it has to be my favorite cookbook! Vegan for Everybody is full of simple, straightforward, and most importantly yummy recipes.

The ingredients and cooking processes are attainable and understandable. There may be a couple of things new to you if you are new to vegan cooking but mostly, you will know what everything is and what to do with it.

There are no crazy steps and you probably won’t even have to look anything up! And did I mention that the recipes are delicious?!

The other reason I am excited is that in order to be entered to win this prize pack you have to sign up for our newsletter and/or join our Facebook group by clicking here for our Facebook group and here for our newsletter. Our newsletter launches next month and will have tried and true recipes- recipes I have made and put into our regular family meal plan. It will have some other fun stuff, too in addition to sharing info about my product.

My motivation for the newsletter (in addition to building my business) is to give people who want to try eating less animals great recipes to start with. That’s my passion in all of this.

How to Win:

So. Sign up for our newsletter, get great recipes and other stuff- like events that are happening, some positive messages, and info about what’s available through me, and be entered to win my favorite cookbook.

The best part is that once you are signed up you will be entered every time there is a giveaway to my newsletter list. Right now I am planning on doing this monthly though that might change if it doesn’t bring the benefit I hope it will. As of now, each month winners will be chosen from Butterflies and Broccoli’s newsletter subscribers!

So that’s it. To enter, just sign up for our newsletter and/or join our Facebook group. If you do both you get two chances to win (I am giving away one copy in our group and one through our newsletter).

If you don’t win, I highly recommend buying this cookbook. It’s awesome!

Good luck! Sign up for our newsletter right here: click here. Join our Facebook group here: click here.

6 thoughts on “Vegan Cookbook Giveaway! Enter to Get Vegan Recipes that Taste Good!”

  1. I love that it’s so simple to enter to win the cookbook and there’ll be monthly opportunities to win again. Thank you.

    1. Hi Cherith,

      I don’t have too much up just yet- it’s a new site but I hope you will come back when I have more resources available! Thanks so much for commenting. <3

  2. You’re absolutely right. We need to eat less meat. I think this book is useful not only for vegans, also for people who prefer healthy food. Thanks for this article and Giveaway. Good luck!

    1. Hi Gunel,

      Yes! This is also a great cookbook for those who may want to try some vegan recipes to see how they taste! I’m so glad you visited. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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