Vegan Snacks: 5 Snacks For Vegans That Might Surprise You!

image of cookies with title of post superimposed
March 29, 2021 2 Comments

Vegan snacks. When first learning how to eat vegan it can seem hard to find vegan snacks. Once you get going though, you see that there are more vegan snacks available than time on this Earth left to eat them! From painstakingly homemade to accidentally vegan, and from peanut butter on celery to fancy prepared-by-pros …

5 Vegan Recipes Kids Beg For! Yep! Vegan Recipes Kids Love!

March 23, 2021 4 Comments

Vegan Recipes Kids Beg for. I know, I know. It seems like a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it? It’s true though! And one of them even has BROCCOLI in it! My kids love these vegan recipes so much they jump up and down when they see it on the menu. I’m serious. They are not …

Vegan Easter Egg Dying Alternatives: Keep the Memories

March 15, 2021 8 Comments

Vegan Easter egg dying alternatives may feel like a stretch. We really value tradition, don’t we? We like to do things the way they have always been done. It brings back the warmth of our own childhood memories. We feel connected to the people we spent holidays with as children and are no longer with …

Vegan Cookbook Giveaway! Enter to Get Vegan Recipes that Taste Good!

Image of cookbook "vegan for everybody" with text "Enter to win this vegan cookbook"
March 8, 2021 6 Comments

Choosing a vegan cookbook is tough. Vegan recipes are so hit or miss. Maybe that’s true of all recipes. I don’t know. What I do know is I am so sick of investing the time, energy, and money into finding a recipe, buying all those hard to find ingredients, and spending hours cooking only to …

Family Earth Day Activities: Getting to Know Earth is Fun!

Image of family of 4 smiling and hugging with text 5 irresistible family earth day activities
March 2, 2021 2 Comments

Finding fun family earth day activities that connect us not only to the Earth and her inhabitants, but to each other, seems like an excellent way to spend Earth Day, doesn’t it? There is no shortage of suggestions about what kinds of family earth day activities are useful. From picking up trash to planting trees, …

If Only Eating More Fruits and Veggies Had an Easy Button… Oh Wait! It does!

February 15, 2021 2 Comments

Committing to something new can be hard. Will it be worth my time? A good use of my money? How do I know if it really works? Is this just another empty promise? Fortunately, our fruits and veggies in a capsule are the most researched nutritional product available. Gold standard, peer-reviewed clinical studies tell us …

Vegan Comfort Food: 5 Delicious Recipes You Have to Try!

image of lemon cake shepherd's pie with text 5 vegan comfort food recipes you have to try
January 29, 2021 14 Comments

Vegan comfort food is plentiful! One of the things people have a hard time with when going vegan though, is finding comfort food. We miss lasagna. Mac and cheese. Shepherd’s pie! Delicious cake! When we first start moving toward vegan eating we scour the recipes. We buy ingredients we’ve never heard of. We spend a …